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Aspire 1600 mAh CF VV Battery
Aspire 1600 mAh CF VV Battery
Our Price: £26.99 (includes Nixteria by Juicy Vapor and USB charger))
Flavor Hound Green Apple
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Flavor Hound Apricot
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Flavor Hound Coconut
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Flavor Hound Gingerbread
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Kanger IPOW2 1600 mAh VW Battery
Kanger IPOW2 1600 mAh VW Battery
Our Price: £24.99 (includes Nixteria by Juicy Vapor)
Flavor Hound Cherry Crush
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Innokin iTaste MVP2 iClear-16 Kit
Juicy Vapor River of Slime
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Kanger Technology MT3
Flavor Hound Ginger
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Juicy Vapor Cantaloupe
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Kanger Technology MT3
Sale Price: £4.95
Flavor Hound Hawaiian Punch
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Juicy Vapor Tribute
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Flavor Hound Butterscotch
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)

News from Switch 2 (updated 29/04/2015)

Switch 2 returns to your local market in May 2015 - with free refills of Juicy Vapor !

Before our website was created we were selling a selection of starter kits in Tooting indoor market - way back in 2010! We ceased retail trade in 2011 when we launched our website, but due to the fast growth and rising demand for all types of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices we are returning to the high street in May, commencing with a pitch in our local market in Redhill, Surrey every Friday from May 1st. We will be retailing most of our products in the high street to provide a bit of competition for all those pop up vendors who are largely selling much lower quality products and who are never there when you experience a problem with your purchase! We will also be operating a free juice bar for existing vapers - just stop by with you favourite tank or clearomizer and get a free refill of the top selling flavours from Juicy Vapor - not available in the UK from anyone else! We look forward to seeing you in Redhill - watch out for news of other pitches in London and the south east coming soon !

Juicy Vapor News

Juicy Vapor e-liquid has recently been re-branded and relaunched as Nixteria e-liquid. This is a change in name only and the same great recipes and certified manufacturing processes will continue to provide the same excellent product under the new brand name. Because we are a reseller and not the manufacturer and therefore hold significant stock, we will continue to supply e-liquid labelled as Juicy Vapor for some time yet, as well as newer stock bearing the new Nixteria label. Thus your e-liquid may be shipped as either brand, subject to the size, strength and flavour being ordered - but the product is the same!

Innokin VTR Stock Clearance - £25 off regular price!

Recent Stock Arrivals

Innokin CLK 1280 VV Battery
Innokin MVP" "Shine" Edition with Swarovski Crystals
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Special Offers

Switch 2 Style 510-TM Kit

Our Price: £26.95
Sale Price: £19.99
Switch 2 Style 510-T Kit

Top Selling Products

Juicy Vapor Creme de Menthe
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
eGo-T "KQ" Stardust Starter Kit
Our Price: £18.99
eGo-T KQ650 CE4 Plus "Stardust" Starter Kit
Our Price: £17.99
Vision Vivi Nova (2ml)
Our Price: £6.95
Juicy Vapor Cherry E-Liquid
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)

Recently Added Products

Innokin iClear 16 Twin Coil Atomizer Head
Our Price: £2.75
Juicy Vapor Grape Chimp
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Juicy Vapor Summer Detox
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
NCR 18650 B 3400 mAh lithium-ion batteries
Our Price: £13.95 (each)
Juicy Vapor Vape The Rainbow
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)