News from Switch 2 (updated 12/11/14)

Juicy Vapor Price Crash!

20 ml down from £11.99 to just £9.99!
33 ml down from £18.99 to only £15.99!
50 ml down from £23.99 to £19.99!

America's favourite e-liquid just got cheaper!

New from switch 2 early November:

Innokin Gladius Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer
Innokin iClear 16D Dual Coil Clearomizer
Innokin EP iClear 16 Starter Kit
Innokin LeoPro iClear 16 Starter Kit
Aspire Nautilus Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer
SEEGO G-Hit K2 Glass Tank Clearomizer
SEEGO G-Hit VV Batteries 1100mAh
SEEGO G-Hit GIB-2 1300 mAh Tank Battery

100 + Premium Flavour Concentrates - only £2.75 (12 ml)

Choose from our range of over 100 premium US manufactured USP grade flavour concentrates and start mixing you own flavours to suit your personal taste - vaping Nirvana may be just around the corner! Even more new flavours just arrived, including:

Hazelnut, Hawaiian Islands Punch, Orange Dream Bar, Jagerbomb, Energy Blend , Lemon Meringue Pie, Monster Energy Type, and Grape (Purple Concord). Get mixing today and customize your favourite vape!

Yet more new flavours arriving mid November!

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Juicy Vapor After Dinner D'lite
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Flavor Hound Lemon & Lime Crush
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Juicy Vapor "OJ's Bloody Glove"
Our Price: £3.75 (6 ml)
Juicy Vapor AB Negative
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Flavor Hound Valentino
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Innokin iTaste MVP2 iClear-16 Kit Innokin iTaste MVP i-30 Kit
Juicy Vapor Tribute
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Innokin iTaste MVP2 iClear 30 Kit
Our Price: £47.99 Includes Juicy Vapor!
Mini Pro Tank (1.8 ml)
Flavor Hound Banana
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
Mini Pro Tank (1.8 ml)
Our Price: £7.75
Innokin iTaste SVD
Sale Price: £69.99
Innonkin iClear-10(S) Square Twin Coil Clearomizer
Innokin iTaste V3.0 VV/VW iClear 16 Kit
Our Price: £44.95 (Includes Juicy Vapor!)
Microcig T2 Clearomizer
Sale Price: £4.95
Innokin iTaste EP Starter Kit



Special Offers

Switch 2 Style 510-TM Kit

Our Price: £29.95
Sale Price: £25.95
Switch 2 Style 510-T Kit

Top Selling Products

Juicy Vapor Creme de Menthe
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Flavor HoundFlavor Hound Chocolate Fudge Brownies.
Our Price: £4.50 (12 ml)
eGo-T "KQ" Stardust Starter Kit
Sale Price: £24.95
Vision Vivi Nova (3.5ml)
Sale Price: £5.95
Juicy Vapor Cherry E-Liquid
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)

Recently Added Products

Juicy Vapor Purple Haze
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
NCR 18650 B 3400 mAh lithium-ion batteries
Sale Price: £12.95 (each)
GDC Atomizer Coils (Dual)
Our Price: £2.75
Juicy Vapor Frozen Delight
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)
Juicy Vapor Deliciousness
Our Price: £4.50 (6 ml)